why seafood prices continue to climb in Japan?

Jun 23 , 2022

why seafood prices continue to climb in Japan?

Nissui announced on May 28 that it plans to increase the price of its fish sauce products by 5% to 20% from August 1, depending on the product, and other frozen foods from 6% to 20%.

In addition to lower imports due to the international situation, the amount of squid coming ashore in Japan has also declined, partly due to higher prices as older fishermen retire without successors and work less.

So, with the price of seafood rising in Japan due to supply problems and the weak yen, where should Japan find the most suitable seafood imports to meet the original demand?

Fuwanhang , as a professional seafood exporter, we not only have a wide range of products, but also have very favorable prices. In addition, we have been cooperating with many Japanese suppliers who import frozen squid. The products exported to Japan include squid tube ,squid tentacle, squid flower, squid ring, squid wing,squid fillet and so on.

North Korean Squid Tube
Equator Squid Tentacle
squid fillet

Wholesale Frozen Seafood North Korean Squid Tube

Good Quality Sea Frozen Equator Squid Tentacle

Ready To Ship Process Skinless Giant Squid Fillet

Dosidicus Gigas Squid Ring
Squid Flower
Cleaned Indian Ocean Squid Neck

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New Process Pineapple Cut Skinless Squid Flower

New Fresh Cleaned Indian Ocean Squid Neck

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