Top Seven Seafood Exporters In The World

Jun 29 , 2022

Top Seven Seafood Exporters In The World

Seafood has long been an important source of nutrition for humans. But today, it is also increasingly a major source of economic value. In many industries around the world, seafood is driving significant trade and exports, creating a global choice of quality commodities.

Do you know the top seafood exporters in the world? They are China, Norway, Vietnam, the United States of America, India, Chile and Canada。

Among them, China is the global leader in seafood production and export, with the bulk of Chinese exports including frozen squid and frozen cuttlefish products, frozen fish, frozen prawns and shrimp.

Fuwanhang is a notable seafood exporter in China when it comes to exporting squid. Fuwanhang not only has 12 years of professional experience in the industry, but also has a wide range of products, considerate service and quality assurance.

Our products:

1.seafood raw material

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Illex Squid Whole Round
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Black Squid Raw
Indian Ocean Squid

New Season Frozen Illex Squid Whole Round

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Top Sale Sea Frozen Indian Ocean Squid Wholesale

2. Frozen Squid Products:

Squid rings, squid tubes,squid flower, squid T+T, squid tentacles, giant squid neck, giant squid meat, dried squid.

Peru Squid Tentacle
Peru Squid Tube
Indian Ocean Squid Ring
Squid Flower

Process Skinless Peru Squid Tentacle

New Coming Process Skinless Squid Tube

New Process Boiled Indian Ocean Squid Ring

New Process Pineapple Cut Skinless Squid Flower

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