Another Batch Of Frozen Squid Ready To Ship!

Jul 21 , 2022

Another Batch Of Frozen Squid Ready To Ship!

In the heat of July, Fuwanhang is still churning out frozen squid products, hoping to get them to customers soon. Even in the face of COVID-19, Fuwanhang has always monitored the quality of squid against all odds to produce the best products.

This week, we have packed the squid neck of two cabinets ordered by the Thai customer, the squid ring of one cabinet ordered by the Vietnamese customer, and the squid fillet of one cabinet ordered by the Korean customer. We have checked the shipment and started shipping. Please wait patiently for the arrival of the products.

As a professional squid manufacturer and an experienced seafood export company, we are highly efficient and reliable in processing and shipping frozen squid. We do seafood business more than 12years, we have free QC ,inspection goods before loading. And we can free design labels or carton according customer needs.

After service provide 15days After the goods arrive port., need to import seafood (such as frozen squid, frozen squid processing products, fish seafood) please contact: [email protected]

The new product comes out this week:

Frozen Tilapia Fish
Indian Ocean Squid Tail

Factory Supply Frozen Whole Round Tilapia Fish Seafood Supplier

Factory Price Frozen Squid Tail Indian Ocean Squid Tail Wholesale

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