Do you know how the squid flower you are eating is produced?

Apr 26 , 2022

Affected by the spread of COVID-19, many domestic factories have suspended work, and even the transportation of products has been greatly hindered. Seafood import and export industry is facing unprecedented challenges. 

New Process Pineapple Cut Skinless Squid Flower

New Process Pineapple Cut Skinless Squid Flower

However, based on the trust of customers, Fuwan Hang will work overtime to produce good products for customers. Today, we will take you to the factory of Fuwan Hang to have a look.


Product Processing

Now we are producing one of our hot sale processed products--squid flower.

First, clean our squid raw materials, then Cut squid blossoms into pineapple shapes, then Cut to small pieces as requirement, then blanch-roll up, and then Cooling. The next step is quick-freezing (-35℃ around 15 minutes), by Glazing, and finally you can check and pack. This is the basic production process of squid flower products.

New Process Pineapple Cut Skinless Squid Flower

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