Is a factory truly better than a Seafood trading company?

Jun 10 , 2022

Is a factory truly better than a Seafood trading company?

“Are you a trading company or a factory? I only deal with factories”... These are two phrases I often hear from clients in my work. Because they think that working directly with the factory means they can get a better price and have more controls over the product. In contrast, trading companies, acting as middlemen between manufacturers and customers, need to charge extra on top of the factory price and may not have good control over quality.

But is this really the case? Based on 12 years of experience in the frozen seafood trade, my answer is no.

Although the factory can better control frozen squid products, for processing technology and squid itself will be more understanding. However, due to the limitation of squid raw materials and processing machines, the factory can only provide a relatively single product category. In addition, the payment term of the factory is relatively fixed, and lc is not accepted, which brings some troubles to the success of the order transaction. Finally, the delivery time of the factory is also an uncertain factor!

For buyers, good price is very important, good service, good communication and stable quality are very important. If you need a variety of squid products, I strongly recommend Fuwanhang, which has been providing a variety of frozen squid. Such as Argentine squid(illex squid), equatorial squid(dosidicus gigas squid), Indian Ocean squid, Peru squid and so on.

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