Illex Argentine squid on sale!

Aug 25 , 2022

Illex Argentine Squid On Sale!

This is the season when Argentine squid comes out,illexArgentine squid tubes,  illexArgentine squid heads,  illexArgentine squidfillet,  illexArgentine squid eggs,  illexArgentine squid wings,  illexArgentine squidtentacle,illexArgentine squid strips and so on.


Although the number of Argentine squid is more, but due to the change of market conditions, the price of Argentine squid is not low. But don't worry too much. In order to benefit our customers who have always supported us, Fuwanhang will strive to offer the lowest price to our customers. We will also timely release the first trend of the seafood market to our customers.

Illex Squid Whole Round

Illex Squid Fillet With Head
illex Argentinus Squid Strips
Squid Tube

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