About the delivery of squid samples

Mar 21 , 2024

About the delivery of squid samples


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Many customers ask fuwanhang if they can send samples to them. Our answer is certainly yes, we can send samples to your customer, but due to the special restrictions on frozen squid samples, it is not a small difficulty to send samples.


First of all, because our products are frozen products, they usually need to be stored in an environment of minus 18 degrees Celsius. When we export, we use refrigerated cabinets for transportation, so there will be no problems when the products arrive at the destination. Therefore, if you buyers have a freezer that is being exported in our place of origin, we can ship the samples together in your freezer, so that you do not need to pay freight, and can ensure the timeliness when you receive the samples.

Secondly, if there is no freezer to be exported in our producing area, then we need to pay the freight and transport it through other channels' express delivery. The disadvantage of this is that we cannot guarantee the storage environment of other express delivery at minus 18 degrees, and we cannot determine the time when you receive the product, so when you receive the product, if it is ice wrapped product, you will need to pay the freight. Then the ice will definitely melt away, and the product may even have deteriorated, which greatly affects your judgment of the product.

Finally, in fact, the quality of fuwanhang's frozen seafood products is strictly controlled, and basically there will be no quality problems. Even if there are any accidents, we are willing to deal with them patiently and reliably, and strive for the satisfaction of every importer. As for the frozen squid samples, we still prefer that you go to the factory site to check, rather than us passing the samples!

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